Carnival needs freshening up

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Following a visit to the Carnival in Wyndham Park on Sunday, it made me think that perhaps we need a change to the set up.

As much as the crowds gather and support it, it’s the same old things we see year in year out.

Why not try and get some BMX demo teams doing displays along with the skateboarders, surely the amount we have in town, there must be some talent amongst them all that’s worth watching.

The park has the potential for much greater things, but like anything else it will all be down to money, and the lack of it.

One thing that really did annoy me, was a DJ that banged out some rather loud tunes in the park, right near the main event arena - all whilst the poor old Fleur De Lys majorettes were trying to dance to their routine. How on earth were they supposed to concentrate, or more pertinently, actually hear their music whilst this was blaring out?

Someone with a bit of sense would have suggested the music blast out in the intervals between each act in the main arena?

Such a shame!!!

S. Jackson

Alford Street