Cattell’s comments were not funny

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I don’t know whether Mr Cattell’s comment about disabled drivers (Grantham Journal 12th August) was tongue in cheek or serious. Either way it is not funny.

To stop disabled drivers parking on the High Street has numerous consequences apart from the ones to disabled drivers or their disabled passengers.

How would Mr Cattell feel if he was told he couldn’t go to certain shops? Does Mr Cattell wish to single out the disabled as some sort of underclass?

The reason a person is awarded a blue badge to park is to ensure they are able to make use of a city/town’s facilities without endangering their health or safety.

In my particular case I am unable to walk without great pain, and yes, I have seen people wondering why I have a badge probably because I don’t have anything that is obviously wrong with me.

To avoid too much pain, I need to park as close as possible in order to do my shopping at Boots, WH Smith, Bon Marche, building society etc.. Mr Cattell’s proposals would mean that I and many other people would stop shopping at these premises and the high street might then see a demise of yet more shops. Without my blue badge I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things and would probably over time, become house bound. It represents a part of my freedom.

Of course, this does not excuse anyone, blue badge holder or not, from parking ignorantly, without thought or concern for anyone else.

I agree with his comments that Grantham does need some sort of parking warden but they need to be concentrating on vehicles that are illegally parked and perhaps causing an obstruction, not disabled drivers in particular. I too have tried to take my elderly mother to the St Peters Hill surgery only to be caught up in the taxi blockade of that road, so something needs to be done before tempers really get out of hand.

I also drove down the High Street the other day to discover that the traffic was held up again, not by disabled drivers, but with delivery vans and a couple of 4 x 4’s not showing a blue badge. So Mr Cattell, don’t make throw away remarks without giving it more thought.

Jenny Handley