Cattell should look into our bus station

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It is good that the Journal, through Steve Cattell’s column, keeps a ‘weather eye’ on the doings of the town’s planners.

“Overpaid, overstaffed and in charge of the town” just about sums it up.

It can only do good - but, if some praise can be given to redress the balance then it should be.

As a comparative newcomer, the only thing which I think has been a plus is the improvements made to the leisure area across from the Newton Centre in front of the municipal buildings.

Now, Steve seemed worried that he might not find enough topics to get his teeth into when he took up his column.

My present one (which he may like to comment on himself) is regarding the bus station in Grantham.

I have three points of criticism, which I will give in order of importance:

Firstly, as an elderly person, the lack of seating. I know street yobs make the maintenance of public seating an ongoing problem, but we shouldn’t give way to them.

The shelters each have seating for three or four people, but on my last visit two young mums were having a chat and a smoke on them, leaving us old ‘uns - and some of us have health problems too - to stand and suffer.

Secondly, the bus station is an incredibly drab place: so depressing. The buses themselves, bright and new, are the only touch of colour. Can those walls not be brightened up even just a little bit?

Thirdly, I realise the logic of how the stands/shelters were placed, but it still confuses me and others as to why the one facing an incoming bus is not the one you should be waiting in?

Trevor Palmer