Centrebus needs to improve its customer care

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RINGING Centrebus, you would expect some helpful guide on the running of the bus fleet.

Yesterday I rang at approximately 10.10am and was informed that the 9.49am from Skillington was cancelled due to ice - fine, no problem there, a most pleasant gentleman gave me the information I sought.

However on Tuesday I rang at approximately 9.30am with the same question, “Any buses from Skillington?” Simple so I thought. A most grumpy, unhelpful man soon brushed me off with the comment, “This is the Leicester garage, ring 01476 563118.” There was no answer. After a while it cut to fax. Ringing back on 0844 3511 120 travel enquiries again, the Leicester Garage - it kept ringing.

I suggest Centrebus should get a polite receptionist and give the public a “customer care policy”.


Chapel Row