Congratulations to Tim on completing his challenge

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I would just like to give my congratulations to Tim Bridle on the completion of his 10km every day challenge.

Although I don’t live in the area any more, I grew up here and still visit my parents regularly, so have kept up to date with his progress via the Journal. From an initial ‘he’ll never do that’ to ‘well he might do’ to ‘he has done it’, I have been impressed by his determination and grit. I have sponsored him a couple of times, and would encourage everyone else to in the hope he will reach his original target.

Too often these days I am asked to sponsor people for ‘challenges’ that either I would love to do myself (parachute jumps, expeditions to foreign countries) or consider to be a normal part of keeping fit (5km runs, ‘treks’ to the top of Snowdon or similar). It has been very refreshing to see someone who has thought of and then completed a serious challenge, and I hope he manages to obtain the sponsorship he deserves.

R.Butler, Wellingborough