Could supermarkets do delivery service?

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STATISTICS show that we are all living longer - quite true, but it doesn’t mean we are getting fitter with advancing years. The human body, like all machines, weakens over the years and needs a little extra care.

We are also advised to stay in our own homes, as opposed to going into a care home, where we will not have to worry about mundane things, such as heating, cleaning and shopping.

There are a number of octogenarians living in or around Grantham, who do not own computers and cannot shop online, but still like to go to our favourite superstore for our everyday groceries etc. Many of us walk with a stick, so only have one hand free to carry shopping and are limited to how much we can carry each time.

Surely one or more of the supermarkets could provide a delivery service at a cost to our homes? I, for one, would certainly spend more money to get this facility.


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