Council has abandoned Grantham

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We regularly shop by rotation, visiting Melton, the Deepings, Stamford, Bourne and Grantham on different weekends. What a contrast they are, and Grantham is the most run down. The District Council simply do not seem to care about Grantham, pouring money into Bourne & Stamford. I do not begrudge Bourne & Stamford, but Grantham deserves a fair share as well. We used to be a thriving market town, we are on the East Coast main-line, we are connected to the the main road network via the A1, we have heritage and architecture that is as good as Stamford. It is time the neglect of our Town stopped! I have worked in economic development and regeneration all my career, as an engineer helping companies develop new products, and grow. I have also worked on regeneration projects, so I know Grantham can do better; but it needs a partnership between local people, education providers, our Council and local business. The starting point is the Council, who should be creating an environment for business to grow – instead they are creating a ghost town of our shopping centre, with empty shops everywhere. One simple start would be to sort out the road system so that vehicles can get around Grantham instead of strangling it, the other is to pedestrianise the Market Place and London Road – it has worked in Stamford & Newark, and could work in Grantham too. We need to build links with Grantham College and Lincoln University, to get that expertise and training working with local business to create new products and jobs. We need a decent commercial area that will attract entrepreneurs, not hyper-markets and warehousing. There is so much we could do, but quite frankly South Kesteven District Council has abandoned Grantham.

Eric Goodyer

Labour Candidate for Greyfriars Ward