Council should rethink its taxi proposal

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IF any vehicle is deemed to be legally safe after an official test, then its date of manufacture is irrelevant. So, if South Kesteven District Council’s proposal to ban seven-year-old taxis is serious, D. M. Richards’ criticism of it (Journal, August 19) is logical and sensible.

Sadly, ‘logic’ and ‘sense’ are not the first words that spring to mind when we consider some SKDC policies. With so many urgent local problems either being ignored, given bureacratic ‘sticking plasters’ or kicked into the long grass, how can they justify the time spent dreaming up another totally arbitrary ‘target’ to penalise local businesses.

Initially, I had reservations about referral to European Courts (they are not exactly renowned for being logical, fair or reasonable). However, on reflection, if this fatuous SKDC proposal ever materialised, EU lawyers might welcome yet another chance to humiliate any British authority, so if local common sense fails - why not?