Council workers were at it again

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Bank Holiday weekend and what have SKDC and presumably the Highways Department at the County Council II presume they work together on these things) decided to do?

Repave the Asda roundabout!

Not the road surface itself, I hasten to add, but the section of said roundabout that no traffic ever goes on and no-one ever seems to walk on.

The workmen were in fact tackling the actual island of the roundabout – smack bang in the middle of what it has to be said is already a very poorly designed junction.

And so Grantham is gridlocked once again for even more work that is non-essential and a total waste of money, carried out on the orders of people who are not elected and not responsible for the knock on effects of their actions in wasting our money once again. Just who are these people accountable to?

Steve Cattell