Davies’ parrot fashion rant on riots

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DAFT as a parrot! That’s my verdict on Richard Davies’s rantings and ravings about the recent riots and lootings in our major cities.

Why parrot? Because his comment column read as if he was reciting Prime Minister David Cameron’s extreme views parrot fashion, without taking into account cause and effect of such policies.

Both of them seem to have forgotten that there is a distinct difference between the words ‘excuses’ and ‘reasons’. There can be no excuse for wanton criminality whether it be looting or false expense claims. But there are reasons for the riots and the present Government’s policies of slash and cut must be among them.

Moreover, the self-centred generation actually began and was encouraged during the Thatcher administration and has degenerated to make our society become as abhorrent as it is today.

But getting rid of basic human rights such as democracy, welfare and free expression would only make the situation worse. By all means punish criminals properly but not at the expense of ordinary, law-abiding citizens, as some extreme right wing elements of our community would like to achieve by stealth if not correct procedures. That would only lead to even bigger problems than we have now.

As for the much vaunted ‘Big Society’ I consider myself to have been part of that for most of my adult life - doing charity work - especially since losing my wife and son to cancer. I don’t need David Cameron to tell me about being an active part of the community.

Finally the family as it was traditionally known, is indeed vital to our society, as are understanding, compassion and rehabilitation. Without these things there will always be unrest, both civil and criminal.

Think it out for yourself Richard. Don’t rely on the warped views of someone who hasn’t even got the gumption to face Grantham people himself, even when they write to him.


Welham Street, Grantham