Democracy is dead – like here Nick?

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GRANTHAM people who believe we live in a democracy should think again.

Because we do not!

We have a democratically elected but puppet coalition, actually controlled by an unelected mob of self-interested, financial gangsters – the City – who manipulate government legislation, stock and money markets to suit themselves.

Fat cats who benefit from this totally undemocratic con also include bankers who speculate with our money, expecting us to endure austerity and pick up the tabs for their losses. This, without us having any prospect whatsoever of sharing profits in the unlikely event of success.

If they were lawyers behaving in such a criminal manner, they could end up in court and possibly jail for their illicit activities.

I doubt if there is any dictator or despot in the world with such powers, and yet we call it democracy – I don’t think so!

And I have no doubt that this conspiracy of deceit filters down to a lesser extent authorities, organisations and individuals in our own area.

If we’re all in this together when their crimes backfire, then let’s go the whole hog and get rid of money all together.

That would lead to a fairer world for everyone and a much more honest version of democracy than we have now!

l FIRST there was Grantham, the archetypal ‘Rotten Borough’ immortalised by Oliver Anderson in his not-so-banned book of the same name.

Then we had Terry Wogan’s Radio One listeners voting it the most boring town in the Universe, dubbed coast-to-coast in America as ‘Dullsville’ courtesy of the Harlaxton-based University of Evansville.

Now our own MP, Nick Boles no less, labelling Grantham: ‘A fantastic place to die!’

I hope the newly-appointed, high-flying planning minister doesn’t drop such clangers in Parliament. Obviously he wasn’t responsible for the first two slurs but his latest comments seem to me to make a mockery of his support for the ambitious ‘Grantham is Great’ campaign.

What with his attack on ‘comfortably off’ pensioners; language learning difficulties and now this, I think the proverbial ‘monkey’ would have a better chance of being returned in this constituency at the next General Election.


Welham Street, Grantham