Disabled people must park in High Street

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STEVE Cattell talks about the dead end outside St Peter’s Hill surgery and the taxis.

That was closed off to stop traffic running through there because buses used to run through there.

The taxi rank is for about eight cabs only although there’s usually about 15 there blocking up the road.

People have to get down to the surgery and if he is disabled he must be aware of that.

Then he goes on about the High Street parking. I would point out that disabled people have to get to the banks and to Boots. He is obviously not aware of what blue badge conditions are, it being an international item.

If the High Street was made into a no waiting and no loading area, that would not make any difference to disabled people being allowed to park there.

They are fully entitled to park there for up to three hours. Most won’t do that, it’s just that they have to go to the bank or the pharmacy, etc.

Most people stop their cars to do their business and get back in their cars and drive off.

They don’t park there all day, as Mr Cattell intimates.


Chairman of Grantham Disabled Forum