Disgusted Barrowby Legion is under threat

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I am totally disgusted Barrowby British Legion may close because some people object to live music.

Why did they buy property near to the building if they don’t like noise?

I was born in Barrowby in 1940 and lived there for 31 years. The people responsible for the new BBL gave a lot of their time to get people together in the village to go to the legion to enjoy themselves.

Lots of hard work from Fred Porter, Sid Miller and Arthur Kitchen to name but a few, who sadly are no longer with us.

The ladies section of Eileen and Peg Welbourn, Pam North, Lucy Hitch and Elsie Pearce were always around to lend a hand.

What would all these ex-service people think now that the legion has to close because of a few who don’t like live music?

Or is it that someone is hoping the legion will close so the land can be used for building houses? I’m totally disgusted.

Tony Orrey

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