Do something about ignorant drivers

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TRAVELLING on the bus from Skillington to Grantham, the bus was on time. I thought I would get my shopping done and return in plenty of time. Alas not so.

At Colsterworth, a full stop for 20 to 30 minutes. On one side cars parked outside the Co-op and on the other a Lincolnshire library van badly parked with its end sticking out. The bus driver asked the library van driver to move allowing the bus to pass. He refused.

The council should educate its drivers on how to park. Ignorance only causes anger. The van driver should realise the hold-ups he has caused, the delay in picking up passengers, the delay in the bus timetable and the knock-on effect.

I wrote in June 2010 asking what the council intended to do. Nothing.

It reminds me of the three wise monkeys.

Action should be taken to eliminate these unnecessary gridlocks - yellow lines (double) or one-way traffic, weight limits or change the bus route.


Chapel Row