Does anybody care about opinions on our street?

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In response to your coverage of the Barrowby Improvement Group (BIG) on page 16 of today’s Journal where it states ‘questionnaires have been delivered to every household in Barrowby’.

My husband and I live on Casthorpe Road and I am still outstanding one of these questionnaires. After speaking with some friends in the village pub on Friday evening it appears I am not the only one. The Landlord himself has not received one, and the pub is quite hard to miss.

A colleague of mine who also lives on Casthorpe Road has received no improvement questionnaire; nor have either of her next door neighbours.

Whilst I appreciate that this group is run by volunteers, if they are going to advertise that they have contacted ‘every household’ I wish they would have done. Or is is just Casthorpe Road whose views are not important?

Mrs O’Brien

Casthorpe Road