Does this so-called Foodbank really exist?

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WITH reference to Nick Boles’ column in the Journal (July 8), I have been up and down Harrowby Road and cannot find the Foodbank. I have aksed but no one seems to know where it is on Harrowby Road.

Politicians I feel tell you things that are sometimes not right or forthcoming. We were promised a Common market and finished up being ruled by the EEC which we did not vote for. How many times have we been told that there would be a referendum on joining Europe and we still wait? We were told certain prices would be capped.

Well I am off to the charity shops to get some sweaters to put on this winter. I will have to have bread and lard sandwiches like we had in the 1930s, and get some beef dripping and I can sit in the Isaac Newton Centre to keep warm and go to bed early.

One of the pensioners.


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