Drunken teenagers ruined Knipfest experience

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I am someone who has never written to the Journal before. However, on this occasion I do feel strongly enough to make comment on this year’s Knipfest experience.

First i must congratulate them on a such a worthy cause. Despite the rain and mud, the bands where all brilliant. Unfortunately, that’s as far as my congratulations extend. I find it very disturbing that there where so many young people drunk, they ranged from the age of 14 upwards. When I say drunk, I do mean to the point of causing a nuisance, falling all over, including into other festival-goers tents, being sick and at points fighting amongst each other. It is unfortunate that there was also a casualty and an ambulance had to be called to what I believe, was a young person who had found themself in difficulty due to the amount of alcohol consumed.

Whilst I feel everyone should have a good time, I am employed in a medical capacity and see the harm that alcohol does to young people when dealing with their injuries. Quite frankly I’m astonished that parents allow their children to get to the point where they are staggering around a campsite. I was also suprised and appalled to hear an announcement at gone 11pm, after the ambulance incident, advising and appealing to all young people to put their drinks down as it may effect the festival going ahead next year - too little, too late I feel!

I believe that Knipfest should have been better policed as most of the campsite had also been kept awake all night by young people running around the campsite unsupervised and worse for wear.

Frankly whilst I applaud the fundraising efforts, I feel my experience was completely ruined as I am sure were others. If Knipfest is to go ahead next year I will not be attending but would like to say please, please police it better, it is surely a safeguarding issue to have so many youngsters that drunk and that out of control. Do we not have a duty to care for those who are still growing and developing rather than allowing them to damage their young livers?


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