Easter Bunny tour was brilliant

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WHAT a lovely evening I had last night visiting my friend on Barrowby Gate.

The sounds of uplifting music waving through the air, looking outside to be greeted by Newton, Grantham’s very own Easter Bunny. What a wonderful and heart-warming surprise. A cloud of yellow fluorescent jackets and bunny ears, cheerfully knocking doors to ask for donations towards their chosen charities.

How unselfish of whoever thought up this brilliant idea. The amount of work that went into this creation must have been immense. I know, because I have organised events in the past in my old home town.

Well done you and well done to the children of Huntingtower School, who showed total respect to their elders and gardens alike by sticking to the footpaths.

A total triumph for Grantham and the community. So a huge thank you back from us.