Experience couldn’t have been better

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The story in last Friday’s Journal regarding the treatment received by a lady at the hands of an A&E receptionist when she took her very sick son to Grantham Hospital is truly appalling.

I must say here the experiences of both my wife and myself in A&E and elsewhere in Grantham Hospital could not have been better. We have found that both the clinical and adminstrative functions are efficient and effective and the staff most caring.

The same cannot be said however for the Lincoln County Hospital. Clinically that establishment has done well by us but the management and administrative areas leave much to be desired.

I do not here wish to enter into details but suffice it for me to say that for two years now attempts to obtain relief for extremely painful conditions suffered by my wife have been made subject to repeated procrastination, delay, lack of replies to letters and phone calls and general “fobbing off”. All of the time, the pain continues.

Peter Gibson

Hazelwood Drive

Gonerby Hill Foot