Fabulous festival was great fun

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I WOULD like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to Bede and South Kesteven District Council for an amazing festival. It was truly enjoyed by myself and my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

Even though it was based in Grantham’s St Peter’s Hill, it felt like we were somewhere else outside of Grantham.

When people say Grantham is boring, well think again. It’s becoming bigger and more events are taking place.

The street entertainers were very interesting. We had lots of laughter with The Magic Carpets, Sir Isaac Newton statue, the big stilts, Graffiti Art and the horse trials were great fun, not to mention the lady who did the face-painting. I thank all of you.

I just wish it was advertised more, then more people would have turned up.

From looking back I believe we all had a great day. Thanks again.


Harrow Street, Grantham

I WOULD like to thank all the artistes who took part in the charity show I organised in aid of Grantham Cemetery Fund - The Kitchen Sink Band, The Blues Bursters, The Thieves, Patrick (guitar vocalist), Shaun James (vocalist) and compere Mick Lee.

Many thanks also to Micky and Jim for the sound and lighting, to all the shops, businesses and people who donated cash and prizes and to Angie and Becky for organising the raffle.

Finally, thanks to all those who attended the event. It was a very good night of entertainment.

The event raised £322 for the fund.


Boothby Pagnell

WE WOULD like to thank all our family and friends who attended the surprise party for Chris.

Your donations raised £410 for the British Heart Foundation.

Thanks go to everyone who helped with the decorations and on the night with special thanks to Neil Saunders, who gave us songs to sing and dance to.


Walton Gardens, Grantham

As the Marie Curie Cancer Care annual Daffodil Appeal draws to an end, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our collectors and supporters for their generosity again this year.

Your support has enabled the continued provision of high quality, free of charge, overnight nursing care to terminally ill patients within their own home.

All funds raised in Lincolnshire are used to maintain this support in the county so you are making a real difference to our community.

Our fundraising continues throughout the year so if you are able to support us by giving your time, starting a fundraising group or holding your own event such as a Blooming Great Tea Party, we would love to hear from you.

Once again thank you.

Stuart Wyle and Paula Hare

01476 576000

I was unfortunate enough to break down at the fuel pumps on Sainsbury’s forecourt today (3 Apr 2011) and firstly apologise to anyone inconvenienced by that – it was actually a mechanical breakdown and thankfully not a dreaded misfuel!

That said I would like to say a big thank you to the driver who helped me clear the pumps and get down into the car park. From there he then offered further help and assistance and although we couldn’t get the vehicle to start his time and effort is greatly appreciated. In addition I would like to say thank you to the other drivers who stopped and offered their help in an attempt to start the car. Speaking to these individuals it was obvious all concerned have a huge passion for motoring and cars – something which seems to be becoming a rarity these days.

Ultimately I had to resort to using a breakdown service to resolve the problem but the help offered from fellow motorists was greatly appreciated.

Once again Thank You.

Darren Woods

Mk2 Scirocco