Filthy dogs jumped at us

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I would like to express my thanks to the two dog-walkers who were out walking their three dogs on the edge of Burton Coggles on New Year’s Day afternoon for allowing their dogs to run at my wife and I and then jump all over us with filthy paws (having just come along a muddy track), in spite of the obvious distress that this was causing to us, and without making any significant attempt to call the dogs back.

I would further like to thank them for then walking past us without expressing any words of apology for what had happened, indeed it seemed that even acknowledging our presence was a struggle. On our return home we had to change our clothes thanks to the filth that the dogs had caused.

While the majority of dog owners act with responsibility and consideration for other people, a minority still fails to realise that we do not all like dogs and we certainly do not like uninvited and dirty dogs jumping all over us. I would be grateful if all dog owners could remember their responsibilities towards others when out walking.

Thank you.