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As president of the Grantham Saturday Football League, I write to express my huge disappointment in the lack of coverage afforded by the Grantham Journal on Beehive United winning the Lincolnshire County Junior Cup last Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at Boston United’s ground.

Beehive United, a local pub team, beat Pinchbeck United, a premier league team within the Peterborough league 2-1 in an exciting match, scoring a late scintillating goal in the 92nd minute to win 2-1.

Your paper did nothing to promote this game; neither did you send a reporter to the match. This meant that the local residents of Grantham missed out on hearing the great news that a local team won the Lincolnshire County Junior Cup for the first time in 51 years.

Mark Fardell, the manager, and his team have beaten some of the biggest clubs in county football, and would have expected this to be a big enough event to get your reporters out of their warm comfy seats in the Journal office to do some real reporting rather than be spoon fed match reports.

Nearly 400 people from Grantham travelled to Boston to watch the match. You have disappointed a huge number of your weekly subscribers.

May I ask you to explain why your sports journalist John Burgess did not think that this significant event was worth reporting on?

Why is it that your paper continues to promote Kesteven Rugby Club, often giving whole pages to their match reports, and yet squeezes match reports for both Saturday and Sunday adult football for 40-plus clubs in to a quarter of the back sports pages?

I find this sports bias absolutely disgraceful, a form of snobbery, and one that you should address immediately. Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased to see the one rugby club in Grantham get coverage for their sport . . . but would expect more coverage on adult football.

I would like you to publish this letter in full, together with an apology for this grave oversight. Our league member clubs are furious with the blatant disregard your paper shows for our local sport.



Grantham Saturday Football League

The Editor writes: I apologise if the Journal has not performed to its highest ofstandards in this instance and congratulate Beehive United on their success, which we have recorded this week.

However, I refute your “snobbery” suggestion and closing comment – six full pages most editions is far from blatant disregard of local sport.