Get your own grit

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I have always swept the snow from the pavement in front of my house; and I can see the sense of Phillip Hammonds suggestion that I should also grit my bit of road. I will rush off to my DIY store tomorrow, and buy a bag of grit. Everyone should get in to their cars and go and get bags of grit. I am sure that the main road is clear now. Maybe our new Local Neighbourhood Committee, now empowered by Eric Pickles with total control over all planning and development in our row of 6 houses, could arrange for us to go together, we can buy one big back of grit. Or would it be cheaper if we pooled our money with the other Neighbourhood Committees in our village, and we bought a huge pile of grit wholesale. Even better get the whole village to contribute – and hire a lorry to distribute the grit everywhere, even in front of houses of people who are unable to spread their own grit. How about setting up a larger organisation that bought grit for every household in the Borough, and then they could hire a fleet of lorries to spread the grit. I think that I will suggest that to the Government as a cost saving measure. We could have one large organisation gritting our roads in our Borough at much lower cost than everyone doing a little bit of road. Isn’t that a good idea?

Eric Goodyer

High Street