Give local people back their power

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Having been privileged to twice hold the office of Mayor of Grantham, I am unlikely to share Mr Hunter-Watts’ negative view as to its value in the life of the town.

I do, however, agree with him that there needs to be change in the structure of local government in Grantham, but sadly such debate as there is at present is usually ill-informed and rarely conducted at any level other than that of the “gas-guzzling” car.

The existing two-tier system of District and County Councils which abolished the Borough of Grantham and with it genuine local representation of local interests, was put in place in 1974 at the behest of the Heath Government.

As Mr Hunter-Watts infers, and Steve Cattell reminds us each week, that system has done little to protect and promote the best interests of the town for the last 37 years and stands in need of serious review.

It is time for a grown up discussion as to a better form of local government to serve Grantham’s interests.

A sensible restoration of local power to local people would benefit all those who seek to restore the fortunes of our town.

It might even persuade Mr Hunter-Watts that the office of Mayor is a valuable asset.

Robert Hearmon

Manthorpe Road