Glad you’re in the minority

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In this country we all have a freedom of speech - that’s why, Mr Andrews, you are able to express your opinion in the newspaper.

Why you would chose to berate the members of our Armed Forces, though is beyond me. They don’t ask for thanks or praise, that is something we ‘civilians’ do to show our appreciation.

The Military don’t choose what conflicts they take part in, they are told. They readily and all too frequently, now and in the past, put their lives on the line.

Come on Mr Andrews, whether you agree with the conflicts or not, these young men and women say goodbye to their families and travel to these hostile countries not knowing if they are going to return.

You mention in your letter that members of the emergency services are heroes. That may be one thing that we agree on, they certainly are heroes.

I would like to take this opportunity to show appreciation for Bryn and Emma Parry, the founders of Help for Heroes, and of course Jeff Davis and his wife Anne, and all the other numerous charity workers who believe in our Armed Forces and appreciate them. Thankfully people like you Mr Andrews are the small minority.

Lynn Hawthorne