Good luck with solving the age-old Dambusters riddle

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After being brought up and working most of my life in Grantham, my wife Patricia and I took early retirement and went off to live in Lanzarote for eight years.

Just over a year ago we decided to move to Cyprus, which is where the Journal comes into it.

My cousin Jill Pearce and her Partner Malcolm Scoles came out for a week’s holiday, staying not too far away from where we live.

So we met up and she had very kindly brought out a copy of the Grantham Journal, still I might add a great read of what’s going on in and around Grantham.

Reading through to page 10 I came across the bit about the Dambusters, and the Grantham archaeologists’ group trying to find the underground ops room.

Years ago myself and a bunch of like-minded friends started the Grantham Aviation Society, and then a while later put together the 5 Group Bomber Command Museum in the what was the old stables of St Vincents.

All the time we were there we tried to find where the underground ops room was in the main house of St Vincents, but even talking to people who were stationed there during the war, we sadly never found out where it was. Then sadly after all our efforts of trying to save the musuem it was knocked down.

But now after all these years it’s great to see other people trying to find it again. I hear the owner of St Vincents is going to make part of the house into a museum dedicated to 617 sqn - the Dambusters - a lot of the air and ground crew I met and became friends with over the years.

It will be a great memorial to them and the great deeds they did.

So go on the G.A.G and find that room for us and for yourselves, and good on you.

Just think: somewhere in Grantham is the original log which was taken of the dams raid in that very room.

Good luck, folks.

Bryan Pearce

(via email)