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l What fantastic news: the plans for a thousand new houses in Manthorpe rejected. Well done SKDC planners.

Grantham’s roads can’t cope with the traffic we have; estate agents can’t sell the houses they have, first time buyers can’t get mortgages and employers can’t find proper work for the town’s thousands of unemployed people. How does the appearance of a thousand new homes help any of that? I know some would argue that huge construction projects are good for the economy, but building new housing estates provides only short-term relief, often uses outside contract workers employed under slave-like conditions, destroys our ever-dwindling green space and clogs up our congested roads even more. Social construction projects (new roads, hospitals, schools, parks, public utilities) are good and useful to our society, new housing estates are not.

John Andrews

Marratts Lane, Great Gonerby

l I’m writing to endorse the decision by the South Kesteven District Council’s Development Control Committee to reject the above planning application. I live on Belton Lane and agree entirely with Coun Geoff Thompson’s comments. Belton Lane is already a “rat run” and we’ve sadly had two serious accidents in the last four months (I believe one was a fatality).

One can’t avoid wondering why the developers chose to submit these proposals, knowing that the council already had a growth strategy which ruled out housing development at Manthorpe. What a waste of public money.

F. A. O’Leary

Belton Lane, Great Gonerby

l It’s good to see councillors from SKDC Planning Committee showing some backbone (plans to demolish a house in Great Gonerby and build four new ones rejected, plans in Manthorpe thrown out). We in Long Bennington have objected to “back garden” developments which are ruining the character of our village to see our objections almost always ignored by the planners. Perhaps 2011 will see a change?

Stephen Pearson

Long Bennington