Grantham is better than people seem to think

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I feel compelled to write to the Journal to combat the regular negative letters about Grantham. I moved to the town three years ago from London. Grantham offers a fantastic quality of life for its residents.

For a town of its size, it has a good hospital, superb schools and a large leisure centre with good facilities. The town has a great history with some wonderful buildings and streets.

The crime levels are low. It has restaurants to rival any in suburban London. The surrounding countryside is lovely. It’s 35 minutes from two cities, making the attractions accessible but not adding “urban downsides.”

It’s an hour to the capital on the train. Even the climate is better than 95per cent of the UK. I genuinely enjoy living in the town and think it offers an excellent quality of life.

Local people do have a point about traffic, and the council HAS to pull its finger out and put a plan in place. But apart from that, criticising the town seems to be part of the local DNA and the perception is far removed from reality.

Some people need to remove the inferiority complex they have. I wonder how many of the complainers have ever lived anywhere else?

The issues with High Street shopping is a national problem, NOT a Grantham problem. The growth of non-food ranges in supermarkets, a move to out-of-town retail centres, and online shopping are seriously hurting many High Streets in the country.

Just read the national press. If you want to help the High Street then people should go out and spend their money in the local shops, run by positive, enterprising people who deserve some support.

People shouldn’t spend 95per cent of their weekly shopping spend in ASDA and Morrisons if you want the High Street to thrive.

The Market Place revamp is a positive step towards creating a better local environment, and I find the opposition to it quite staggering.

Any progressive town in the country is going down the pedestrianisation route.

So I appeal to people to stop being so negative about the town and do something about it yourselves.

Wake up each day and appreciate what the town offers, and support it.

Ben Harness

Coldharbour Lane