GRANTHAM JOURNAL: Is Bingham really so great?

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Readers of the Grantham Journal are probably aware that Bingham scored highly in a financial award survey, in fact, the town came eighth as a top place to live.

My initial thoughts were, what is the hidden agenda for the town to receive such a high national rating?

Without doubt there are some favourable aspects comparable to other districts, although Toot Hill School could do with a comprehensive makeover.

Bingham’s biggest failing, it lacks functioning public conveniences, even though, it does hold a weekly market which gets slightly smaller each year, and every month a farmers market assembles comprising of a few stalls but by midday it is packed away and leaves.

Surely, Bingham’s high rating in the survey is more to do with the Crown Estate wanting to sell the lands surrounding the town for a mammoth house building extravaganza.

Visitors are advised to take a comfort break before arriving in the Market Place as it is a sizeable trek to the next toilet block and do try to get there before the hoodlums wreck them too.

Another cautionary note: avoid accidents and illness, as the new health centre has not been built yet.

Nigel J. Starbuck

Carnarvon Close, Bingham