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I wish Coun Richard Davies well in his quest to actually make the Lincolnshire Highways Authority do something about Gorse Lane lake and the pothole problems which have existed for over 11 years.

I would suggest that as the Highways Authority has done nothing to alleviate the difficulties and damage to the lane as a result of the increase in HGV traffic, perhaps he should be having a word in someone’s shell-like at the Sleaford office.

I wish him well with this. We have been trying for over 11 years to get them to take any useful action. The act of placing cold tarmac into water-filled potholes is neither use nor ornament.

Here is a simple solution.

Ban HGVs from Gorse Lane. Place a speed restriction of 30mph and enforce it.

I would suggest however that he is ready for a long period of obfuscation, excuses, and being ignored and perhaps some helpful medication to alleviate the symptoms of repeatedly banging his head against a brick wall.

A pothole Tsar? You cannot be serious.

Best of luck Richard.

Anthony Hindmarch

Gorse Lane