Grantham Journal letter: A tragedy but I am not surprised

Mr L. N. Chakrabarti
Mr L. N. Chakrabarti
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I have been commenting about degradation of Grantham Hospital over the years and I’m not surprised at the decision to close down the A&E at night.

I have written in the Journal about the A&E several times. I was the first full time Consultant in A&E department and attended several meetings. It was through these meetings that I found out how they treated Grantham Hospital as a neglected step-sister, taking the services away from Grantham. The latest is the shutting down of the A&E at night, taking the doctors from Grantham to Boston and Lincoln for duties, what a tragedy.

LHA is taking away the services from here brick by brick, with no consideration for the locals.

Now the Children’s Ward has gone, followed by the Maternity Ward. The ICU has also gone which means there is no major surgery, including Trauma, and now no emergency surgery in Grantham including children’s illness. What we now have here are some outpatient clinics.

Perhaps the Grantham Hospital should be renamed as a sophisticated Diagnostic Centre and a Satellite Hospital for Boston and Lincoln.

Mr L. N. Chakrabarti

Retired Consultant