Grantham Journal letter: All homes cause traffic

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I would like to comment on the seemingly contradictory and politically motivated views expressed by Councillor
Charmaine Morgan, often backed up by her husband John, who uses further column inches to back up those views. Surely, one household’s view is getting enough coverage!

On the topic of the new cinema, which Coun Morgan is clearly setting herself against (backed by Mr Morgan on the letters page), while I would agree that it would be better as a privately funded venture, no firm is going to go through the hostile and unpredictable planning committee process created by some of our councillors such as Coun Morgan.

In her column on Setember 12 she bemoans some councillors for not supporting more council housing in the southern quadrant, even though such a decision has not been made; but then she was the one who opposed the development on traffic grounds, having voted against the bypass on grounds of increased traffic.

I believe the extra council houses she now so wants will also create traffic, so this can only be a political issue.

I would also love to know the outcome of Coun Morgan reporting the council to the police over the state of the canal. Have the police taken any seasonal blue-green algae into custody?

And please, we do not need an extra layer of bureaucracy in the form of a town council. Making a smaller group of politicking individuals responsible for developing our town will surely be the final nail in it’s coffin!

Simon Rhoades,

Haddon Road, Grantham