Grantham Journal letter: Alter routes and return our service

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The bus stops have arrived on the Sunningdale estate, but alas, most of the buses have disappeared.

The last one into town is at 1.45pm and the last one back from town is 1.30pm. You can forget Saturdays as there aren’t any buses at all.

There is a 2A Alma Park bus that leaves the bus station, Monday to Friday at 5.35pm, it goes via Sunningdale and at 5.40pm (five minutes later) the number 1 Alma Park leaves the bus station and covers the same route on Alma Park.

Why does Route 2 bus turn left off Harrowby Lane, onto Edinburgh Road and back down Queensway into town? Route 1 covers that route.

Why can’t Route 2 become 2A, picking up at Alma Park/Sunningdale six days a week? Route 1 could be Princess Drive, Queenswsay, Edinburgh Road, Harrowby Lane and Hill Avenue and back to town (simple). There is no need for Route 7 at all to Sunningdale.

A reply from Centrebus would be appreciated.

Stranded OAP