Grantham Journal letter: An ode to St Wulfram’s spire

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It’s tall and straight and slender,

And points up to the sky.

A beacon for all Pilgrims,

Who may be passing by.

It’s stood for generations,

A monumnet to Faith.

Built by humble workmen,

Their devotion to vouchsafe.

Now manyyears have claimed their toll,

And nature’s had its way.

With heat and storm and winds so high,

Our steeple starts to sway.

We send this S.O.S. to all,

To save our treasured spire.

Without your help it will be lost,

And no more our souls inspire.

So come on Grantham - help us now,

Salvation’s in your power.

No help will be the nation’s loss.

And we’ll have St Wulfram’s TOWER!

V. Odell

Croft Drive, Grantham