Grantham Journal letter: Approval is not foregone conclusion!

Gorse Lane Action Group were out in force to protest against the plans.
Gorse Lane Action Group were out in force to protest against the plans.
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In response to your article on the Gorse Lane Quarry meeting in Denton on October 2, we would like to correct any impression that the proposed quarry planning application is a foregone conclusion.

It most certainly is NOT! The application to be submitted by Mick George Ltd and Charles Welby is not to activate an old permission. It is a completely NEW application. It includes land outside the previous permission area for extraction of limestone and (importantly) adds the extra dimension of dumping inert waste in the huge void left behind.

Our Gorse Lane Action Group is objecting on several fronts, not least the destruction of 250 acres of farmland and wildlife habitat.

There are ample resources of limestone within the county. Current stocks will last until 2031 and there are already other limestone extraction sites working to increase the amount . It’s therefore NOT needed.

Dumping of inert waste into landfill goes against current thinking! We should be recycling and reusing. Landfill should be used as a LAST resort!

Mick George representative John Gough would like everyone to think that they will gain planning permission because of dormant mineral quarrying permissions that go back to just after WW2 amidst desperate times for this country. That, we contend, is largely irrelevant as they are planning a new application.

His assertion that they are 96 per cent confident of achieving planning permission is surely an arrogant expectation ahead of any planning process?

Gaile McMillan - Chair

Gorse Lane Action Group