Grantham Journal Letter: ‘Attack on Lee Rigby was treasonous’

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It is gratifying that religious leaders are uniting against terrorism, and it is laudable for dignitaries to make a stance for harmony.

However, if only it was that simple to promote peace across the country, as the composition of society has become very complex.

Only when we ask the question: ‘what makes a terrorist?’ Do we find out what has gone hopelessly wrong!

Regretfully, the UK has shackled its security directly to the United States’ foreign policy, and America exercises a gung-ho culture of invading countries which do not fit their own ideology.

Britain joins forces and, simultaneously, allows unfettered immigration from the countries we are fighting. The incomers are allowed to keep their own customs and religious doctrines.

That policy sends out a confused message as the new settlers see the military bombing their lands and some retaliate.

What did society expect? It must be wrong when individuals can enter this country and gain instant access to equal rights and equal opportunities, surely respect must be earned?

The UK must repeal article 8 of the Human Rights Act, the right to a family life and all the equality legislation. The state should pay particular attention to the law of treason, which was passed during 1351 and remains statute to this day.

Drummer Lee Rigby was killed wearing the Queen’s uniform, such attacks are treasonous and his killers should face the death penalty.

Until the country adopts a tough law and order stance, such attacks could become the unacceptable face of multiculturalism, as the consequences of mass immigration were not thought through. Another contentious issue is that foreigners who commit crimes, cannot be deported to their countries of origin as it violates their human rights. Who in their right mind would accept that tosh? Repeal it!

Parliament should mettle up and enforce legislation that is fit for purpose, otherwise there will be clusters of ethic characters which will plot to cause mayhem throughout the land.

And all because the establishment has been too soft.

Nigel Starbuck