Grantham Journal letter: Bad decision on school crossing

Adam Stokes
Adam Stokes
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It was hugely disappointing news when St Anne’s Primary School crossing scheme was rejected by residents and Coun Morgan.

I accept that some parking spots would have been lost, but surely a child’s safety is far more important.

Day after day parents have to cross that busy road and I worked hard with highways, residents and the school holding public meetings when I was the county councillor.

Highways produced a scheme which helped not only the school but residents, as it would be a permanent crossing.

It looks like political point scoring from Coun Morgan, which is totally wrong on this scheme as I know that she wants a crossing elsewhere on the road.

I do hope that something is in place soon for the safety of all concerned as I dread to think what might happen.

Coun Adam Stokes

Grantham St John’s Ward