GRANTHAM JOURNAL LETTER: Be a responsible pet owner

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I read about the abandoned kittens being taken into Avenue Veterinary Centre, Grantham (Journal, October 12).

We at Grantham ROCK are also getting cats and kittens left weekly or even daily at our rescue centre and it is making extra work for us all.

Over July and August we had more than 60 kittens left with us, which made it very hard to cope. Extra food and cat litter had to be found, as well as vets bills to pay.

Instead of dumping your cats and unwanted kittens in holdalls, boxes and cat carriers, take some responsibility and neuter your cat before it gets pregnant. In females this can be done when they are six months old and males should be neutered before they start to roam and fight. It would make our life a lot easier and be much better for your cat.

We are still getting kittens handed in and have a few waiting for good homes.

There is help with neutering costs for those who need it.

Cath Rowson

Grantham ROCK