Grantham Journal letter: Better shops would be of more benefit

Nick Boles MP
Nick Boles MP
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So, who is going to pay for the free parking proposed by Nick Boles?

I understand that revenue from parking charges is in the order of several hundred thousand pounds. Not only would South Kesteven District Council stand to lose this income, but they are also under enormous pressure from Central Governnment to make savings.

Many Grantham people head off to Newark or Stamford to do their shipping. Why do they do that? Neither of these towns have free parking so what is the big attraction?

I can tell you, Mr Boles, it is because they offer a wide range of decent shops and this is where you need to focus your attention. 
Free parking will cost a lot of money and go nowhere near to solving the problem we have in Grantham until a range of more attractive shops can be established.

John Knowles

Belton Lane, Grantham