Grantham Journal letter: Bishop abused his position

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The debate over comments relating to the late Margaret Thatcher by Dr Tim Ellis, Bishop of Grantham, is highly interesting.

David Close expressed his opinion along with Wendy Fryer and William Johnston. I am siding with the Fryer and Close train of thought, purely because I don’t think the ‘Trendy Bishop’ should abuse his position. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech. For a man who is ‘supposed’ to be employed doing God’s work, he appears to be more interested in speaking ill of the dead. Even her most ardent supporters, of which there were millions, openly admit she made mistakes. Dr Ellis and his ilk only weaken the belief in Christianity by speaking out about things they know very little about. We must remember he is a theologian not a politician, unless of course he was privvy to Thatcher’s most inner thoughts and political decisions.

If Dr Ellis believes Thatcher was such a poor Premier, then stop waffling on about it, cast aside your bishop’s frock and don the pinstriped garb of the politican. Perhaps the good bishop has forgotten, errare humanum est, or perhaps he is the Qua voce magna vas vacuum!

Thatcher was forever patriotic and her country was her greatest love, a place she would never have forsaken for anything. A real tangible place that can be touched and felt under one’s feet. So bishop, of what heaven? When did you last walk on its green and pleasant land? And when did you last have to make a truly difficult decision? How easy it must be to criticise the work of others from the comfort of your bishop’s throne.

Roy Coldham

Peascliffe Drive, Grantham