Grantham Journal letter: Bogof shopping is making us all wasteful

Karen Cannard
Karen Cannard
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Karen Cannard’s recycling article (July 29) was interesting, but older readers will remember that during the Second World War many scarce products were rationed so nothing was ever thrown away, and plastic carrier bags did not exist.

Glass bottles were rinsed and returned to the milkman, waste paper was set aside for recycling and edible leftovers were either creatively combined into a tasty snack or popped into the stock pot to produce delicious home made soup.

Any food waste went into a special bin and became pigs swill for the local authority’s pig farm.

Sadly, as a nation today we throw away obscene amounts of food and packaging. People have the bogof (buy one get one free) mentality, so they acquire too much perishable food which is dumped rather than utilised with a little ingenuity.

The packaging problems must be laid at the door of manufacturers and retailers because so many things are over packaged with tray-wrapped, bubble wrapped, shrink wrapped items inside a carton. Also, many of the laminates and polymers used are not recyclable.

Disposal of 30 million tons of litter costs councils hundreds of millions of pounds per year, but anti social fly tippers and slovenly boozers will continue to treat anything as a rubbish tip until the authorities hit them in their pockets.

The Environmental Protect Act (1990) allows councils to impose fines of up to £2,500 for littering on land that’s accessible to the public and fixed penalty notices for casual littering are set to double to £150.

So come on councils, you have the legal tools to simultaneously generate income and improve our environment. Please get on with the job.

Brian Bruce