Grantham Journal letter: Build bridge before more houses go up

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With reference to the housing development on Barrowby Road, I attended the public consultation on March 13 and found the goalposts have been moved again.

When I moved into my house off Barrowby Road in 1998, our then councillor, thelate Gladys Foster, assured me that no one would be building houses on the proposed site until the bridge over the railway was put in place to alleviate the traffic problems we all have on Barrowby Road.

I was informed later that 750 houses would be built first and then the bridge would be put in place.

At the above meeting, it is now in the planning stage to build another 1400 houses on the Poplar Farm development according to the planners I spoke to, but they couldn’t give me a straight answer regarding the bridge.

It is imperative that this bridge is built as soon as possible, as the traffic into Grantham from Barrowby Road is gridlocked, particularly at weekends, and this causes the residents to do their shopping in Newark and Melton, a loss to Grantham businesses.

Henry Taylor

Wells Close, Grantham