Grantham Journal letter: Bypass will benefit town

Coun Adam Stokes.
Coun Adam Stokes.
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I am pleased to say that I voted in favour of the Southern Relief Road. This has been talked about for many years and to finally have a plan that will provide Grantham with some much-needed relief from the lorries and cars travelling through the town, can only be beneficial for the town centre.

I do understand that some people will be worried and concerned about the bypass. Some probably do not want one, but I believe that the positives of helping the town centre and the town as a whole, completely outweigh any potential negatives.

I must say how disappointed I was that it was not a unaminous decision from the committee and that Coun Charmaine Morgan saw fit to use this application as a political tool which was extremely disappointing but unfortunately not surprising. Her argument regarding moving the traffic from one place to another is, in my opinion, flawed. The traffic will flow from the A52 Somerby roundabout along the relief road and A1 to rejoin the A52 near Barrowby, meaning the cross town traffic will be diverted. She quite clearly misunderstood the proposal or was simply finding faults to be opposed to the scheme for her own political purposes.

Grantham needed this road and I for one look forward to using it.

Coun Adam Stokes

Grantham St John’s Ward