Grantham Journal letter: Can critics do better?

Grantham Carnival in Wyndham Park. 285D
Grantham Carnival in Wyndham Park. 285D
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Every year I get fed-up with people slating the efforts of Roy Wright and his volunteers as regards the carnival weekend.

Do these people who complain think they can do better? Do they volunteer to help? In fact, do they volunteer for any local group or events?

I have personally enjoyed the carnival for many years. Yes, the size of the parade has declined, but this isn’t the fault of the carnival committee – it is down to finance and a lack of interest from other parties.

Why do people have to slate other people’s efforts in trying to do things for Grantham? If they think they can do better, why don’t they get out and use their free time for the people of the town?

Same goes for people who criticise Grantham when they go to live elsewhere. They think they are too good for Grantham, but sometimes the reason they left is, in fact, Grantham is too good for them.

Grantham probably isn’t the greatest place to live in the world, but it is certainly not anywhere near the worst. So, come on Grantham people – stop moaning and join forces to make it better.

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Great Gonerby