Grantham Journal letter: Catastrophic decline in traffic planning

The roadworks in Springfield Road. 333D
The roadworks in Springfield Road. 333D
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Since moving to Grantham three years ago I have witnessed the steady and catastrophic decline in the traffic planning in Grantham. The latest wave of roadworks at Springfield Road has brought the town to its knees and caused stress to thousands of people.

I live three miles from the centre of town and would rather drive to Stamford for shopping than venture down the hill to shop in Grantham, due to constant traffic misery.

I am not alone in avoiding the town. Retailers are at breaking point, a lighting shop, interiors shop and furniture shop are now the latest victims of this unacceptable situation, investing their livelihoods in this town, only to be let down by the council.

I am sure that a high percentage of vehicles contributing to the traffic queues are transiting through Grantham to travel to somewhere more desirable, rather than fighting to shop in town.

I got back from a mini-break to Rome, where I had been warned that the traffic would be bad. We glided through the streets with ease, with no congestion at all. We commented that Grantham must be one of the worst towns in Europe for traffic. I would be interested to know if anyone could come up with a worse town for traffic in Europe.

With thousands more homes planned at the Southern Quadrant and a new road promised that never happens, the future looks even bleaker.

How about closing the traffic planning department, who are either incapable of solving the problem, or are not allowed to fight the problem due to red tape, budgets, council politics or whatever.

How about pulling in expertise from counties or countries with forward thinking traffic planners who have success in the free-flow of even larger volumes of traffic. Planners from councils/authorities who have the guts, determination and empowerment to solve the problem long-tem by tearing up the guide book on Grantham traffic planning and starting again from scratch!

John Alexander