Grantham Journal letter: Childhood memory of VE Day

Guildhall clock
Guildhall clock
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VE Day will soon be upon us and as I will be 76 on June 8, I think you will see that I would have been six years old in 1945. So, as our family lived in Brewery Hill at that time, we attended the VE Day event at the Guildhall on St Peter’s Hill.

I distinctly remember servicemen climbing up the front entrance only to be quickly brought down by Grantham policemen! Another thing I remember is that someone had found and displayed a Hammer and Sickle flag on the Guildhall. This too was quickly removed by the The Law. Does anyone else remember those incidents as I do?

Of course, St Peter’s Hill was vastly different then, with the Central Bus Station next to the Guildhall and police station. Opposite was the State Cinema and The Railway Tavern as I recall?

So, a good crowd gathered in front of the Guildhall to see and hear our local dignitaries mark the occasion with speeches.

By coincidence, April/May marks the beginning and end of the war in Norway, 1940, five years previously. As that action saw the Lincolnshire Regiment Territorials’ involvement, it is in a way an historic occasion also.

I understand Grantham VC holders have been remembered recently. If so, can I point out that one of them has a portrait in the Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth. Mr Parker I believe? I believe he was at Gallipoli at the time.

Colin H. Duller