Grantham Journal letter: Common sense to keep hospital open

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So it has reared its ugly head again.

I’m talking about the A&E department at Grantham. Surely it’s common sense to keep it open as it is or possibly refurbish it. Don’t these people - whoever they are -realise that the only way to get to Lincoln or Boston quickly in a real emergency from outlying villages is by air ambulance only ( waste of resources) whereas to get to grantham takes about 20 minutes or less by road - compared with 45 minutes to an hour to get to the other two hospitals.

We are constantly being told the waiting times at A & E Departments are not getting any better. No wonder! If the people and the surrounding areas around Grantham have to go to A & E Departments at Lincoln or Boston (adding to their workload) what would the waiting times be like then. I dread to think! There should be some sort of ballot for people to express what they feel. There’s a challenge for The Journal.

Janet Knapp

Main Street