Grantham Journal letter: Commuters are breaking no laws

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I was disappointed at the unbalanced front page article concerning parking off Wharf Road.

Commuters pay their council tax, their road tax, their cars are usually taxed and insured, why should they not enjoy the use of the public highway like anyone else?

There is no ‘right to a private parking space outside my house’ as some residents seem to feel. If the council is to introduce permit-based parking, it must be done on the basis of ‘the beneficiary pays’ – in other words, council tax payers must not subsidise the ‘private parking’ arrangements which some local residents seem to wish for.

With car parking at Grantham station costing £1,000 a year, maybe a fair price for residents would be half that – but as Mr Stormowski suggests, residents don’t want to pay.

A long suffering Grantham commuter

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