Grantham Journal Letter: Concerned about fire debris

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The extensive coverage given by the Journal to the fire at Easton (July 19) made no mention of the plume of pollutant which deposited considerable amounts of material, over a wide area, downwind of the fire.

I live around three miles from the fire and have collected debris ranging in size from a foot across to small specs. I have reported this to the Fire Brigade, the Environment Agency, Public Health England and SKDC Environmental Health.

The only response has been vague reassurances that the material is burnt polystyrene or possibly burnt fibreglass and that this is non-hazardous.

However, no attempt has been made by any of the agencies to take samples of this material in our area for analysis.

It is only when this is done and an accredited laboratory analysis carried out, that the health hazard can be properly assessed.

The cost involved, in reassuring local residents that the material is indeed non-hazardous, would surely be well justified.

Roger Green

by email