Grantham Journal letter: Council must ensure good job is done

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Several months ago you published my letter detailing the many attributes, merits and positive qualities of Grantham.

Well, perhaps I may have been looking with rose-tinted glasses as all is not well in my little utopia!

Although neither a native to, nor resident of Grantham, I have been visiting the town each weekend for the last two years and during this time have noticed the level of service provided by South Kesteven District Council has plummeted like the value of my shares in Northern Rock!

An example is the state of the many jungles now sprouting up across the town, the once idyllic tree-lined grass verges in places such as Belton Lane and Manthorpe Road are now an eyesore. When attempts are made to cut the grass there seems to be little or no provision to tidy the cut grass which is left to rot on the pathways unless the residents clear up themselves.

The use of contractors may well provide financial benefits but the quality of service is, to be blunt, “Not fit for purpose”. SKDC need to audit their contractors to ensure they deliver what is expected of them as well as listen to residents views on quality of service. If they don’t provide the right service then in my opinion they are in breach of contract.

Dr Keith Copeland

By email